Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This domain name has already been used as an alias or domain

At least, that's what Google Apps says, so it must be true.

In my previous post I told about this domain that I lusted for, and bought, or thought I had. Now the waiting period is over, and it's indeed fully mine. Nice. So I can recommend GoDaddy auctions after all. In particular the close-out sales. However, when I activated the domain and started adding it as a domain alias to one of my existing Google Apps domains I found out that buying a used domain can have its downsides also.

The previous owner also thought that Google Apps was nice. And because Google Apps is free there's no trigger anywhere to delete a domain once the previous owner is no longer using it. (And no way to force ownership re-verification).

Luckily I use another free service that came to my rescue in this case: EditDNS.Net. I use it for some of my domains for its DNS hosting abilities, but it also has E-mail forwarding powers. Perfect. The interface for editing DNS records at GoDaddy is terrible anyway, so I wasn't sad to switch the domain to EditDNS. And I've suggested the ability to re-verify ownership to Google, so one of these days they may add it.

What if the previous owner had also liked EditDNS and registered his domain there? And had used a bunch of other useful free services? Then my domain would be less and less useful I suppose. Hopefully owners of free services will pick up on this and start adding ways to free abandoned domains!

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